Rich iCoast


Rich iCoast

“Nobody is going to do it for you, so you got to do it for yourself,” are the words of a young up and coming rap artist Rich iCoast.

Twenty-One year old Rich iCoast started making moves in the music world in 2007 by accident. Coming from a music background, where his father is a well known DJ in Jamaica. Rich never was interested in music, but because of his nationality he was asked by a local rap group to do a Jamaican hook on their song, after doing the hook his interest started to spark in the music field.

Rich started writing music and he and his friends formed a family and they go by iCoastra Nostra which he got from “La Cosa Nostra” which is means mafia, however, iCoastra means good living. The family consists of B-Hill, Bigger Shaq, J U $, Swagz and their producer Hitmakerdot they are all solo artist but have each other to fall back on.

Being so young he has come across negative feedback but says “people will knock you down but all you can do is dust it off and keep moving.” Rich’s biggest supporter was his grandma who passed away in 2003 because of her memories he stays motivated and keeps pushing forward.

I had an opportunity to listen to a few of Rich iCoast tracks “My Lifestyle” and “If I Ruled the World (iCoastmix)” and as well as a few tracks on his mix tape “I’m Rich, Not Yet,” and the talent he possess is shown and has proven he is a prolific artist. Not only does he have fresh hooks and beats but his sound is impressive and is similar to the rap group Clipse and the 90’s rap group Camp Lo. His inspiration has been Joe Buddens and the late Stack Bundles, Rich says “they been thru the struggle and if they can do it, I can do it and make it too.”

As a new artist Rich iCoast has accomplished a lot in only three years. He has a deal with the digital production company I.R.T. Media Group (Innovation Resonance and Trends). Rich met I.R.T. ‘s managing partner Kamau Edwards thru a mutual friend and has been wanting to work with Rich since he heard his track on the mix tape “Higher Learning.” However, Rich wasn’t ready at the time Edwards first contacted him but now alongside up and coming producer Hitmakerdot they are working on a EP, mix tapes, clothes and everything marketable to expand the iCostra Nostra brand. “Apart from his unique style and overwhelming talent as an artist, he was enterprising enough to make this a mutually beneficial situation,” says Edward. Soon listeners will be able to access the “iCoast” application for iphones. Rich already has the mixtape “I’m Rich, Not Yet,” already hitting the streets and getting a buzz. Rich iCoast is doing big things and has the mentality that he and his music family iCostra Nostra will not lose.

For further information on Rich iCoast you can check out,,, and coming soon

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